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Now or never says Chapter of the Council of Canadians

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December 11th, 2012

Nelson and District Chapter of the Council of Canadians is hosting a public rally Wednesday at noon to highlight concern about the robocalls scandal and the undermining of democracy in Canadian elections.

“Canada needs a New Election Now!” saidthe local chapter.

“Evidence is mounting of a concerted campaign to illegally rig the last federal election.”

On December 10th  the “robocall” case supported by the Council of Canadians finally gets its day in Federal Court after slogging through several legal stalls from Conservative Party lawyers.

Elections Canada says it is still investigating after 1,399 voters from 247 ridings complained of receiving misleading or harassing phone calls during the 2011 federal election.

Evidence filed in the Federal Court in November includes detailed accounts from voters targeted by fraudulent or harassing calls intended to discourage them from voting in 56 ridings across Ontario, BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec, likely in violation of the Canada Elections Act.  

Eight brave Canadians are at centre stage. It’s been almost ten months since news of the robocall scandal first broke and these individuals launched their legal applications under the Canada Elections Act, citing “irregularities, fraud or corrupt or illegal practices that affected the result of the election.”

The evidence shows there was a widespread, targeted and coordinated campaign of voter suppression and electoral fraud that affected the outcomes in at least these six federal ridings. The robocall scandal was not isolated to Guelph, ON.

The local Council Chapter is expressing grave concern about this issue and is hosing the rally Wednesday at Nelson City Hall.

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