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Man taken into custody following short standoff in downtown Kamloops

By Contributor
December 28th, 2012

A 26-year-old Kamloops man was taken into custody without incident around 3:40 PM Thursday afternoon, about 45 minutes after he walked into a third floor apartment at 400 Seymour St. carrying a syringe and told the female occupant that he was going to commit suicide by injecting an unknown substance into his arm.

The man was a former resident of that unit and the 24-year-old female was a roommate.

She left her apartment unimpeded and went next door where she called police when the man’s behavior became more erratic, confrontational and threatening.

About a dozen officers attended the scene and secured the third floor of the apartment building while additional officers cordoned off the area outside the building.

During the early stages of the standoff, the man used a chair from the apartment to smash out a window and in doing so, he sustained minor cuts to his face.

Officers securing the third floor were subsequently joined by the suspect’s mother and uncle who assisted in the negotiations. The negotiations proved successful and the man surrendered to police after about 25 minutes.

He was treated at the scene by BCAS staff for the cuts to his face and was subsequently taken to Royal Inland Hospital where he was committed under the Mental Health Act.

The man is known to police for substance addiction and related criminal activity along with problems associated to erratic behavior.

Between December 24th and today, he has been involved in four police related incidents including allegations of fraud, theft, public disturbance and uttering threats.

The man was also subject of an outstanding Kamloops arrest warrant for failing to attend court in relation to an incident on December 9th.

Investigators are still obtaining statements and gathering evidence from the events today and are expecting to forward a report to Crown in connection with the matter.

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