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BC Transit changes at a glance

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
December 5th, 2012

BC Transit -Changes at a glance:


·  New routing for the 1 Uphill, 2 Fairview and 3 Rosemont based on public feedback

·  Far fewer trips on the 1 Uphill and 3 Rosemont operating as combined services

·  Ability to use smaller, low-‑floor buses on the majority of trips

·  A completely revised schedule


·  New routing within the City of Nelson along 2nd Avenue to provide more transit options for residents

·  All trips now route to Balfour instead of some trips only serving Six Mile

·  Ability to use smaller buses on some midday trips

·  The opportunity to provide better spacing between trips, particularly on Saturdays

·  A revised schedule


Changes proposed for the Slocan Valley and Region between Nelson and Castlegar include:

  • Creation of a new connection point at Playmor Junction, meaning that Slocan Valley passengers may need to transfer at Playmor Junction.  By creating this transfer point, it enables the service to operate more trips by reducing duplication:

    • 99 Nelson-Castlegar route:Two additional trips between Nelson and Castlegar.  All #99 trips connect in Castlegar to and from service to Trail.
    • 20 Slocan Valley: Additional later morning trip from Slocan Valley to Nelson; ability for Slocan Valley residents to better connect to service to both Nelson and Castlegar. 
    • 24 Blewett:Additional trip and longer span of service.
  • Simplified route numbering structure and better connections to and from transit within the City of Nelson
  • More direct routing on a number of trips and better spacing between trips.
  • A revised schedule, particularly to meet key Pacific Insight and Selkirk College times

—Suzy Hamilton, The Nelson Daily

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