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Suspected youth 'Fight Club' on Vancouver Island

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October 21st, 2012

The Port Alberni RCMP has conducted an investigation into the recent on-line posting of several physical fights between local youth.

Two fights were posted on Youtube by one of the many spectators, and they gained immediate notoriety.

Some media reports suggested that these fights were part of an organized ‘fight club’, raising concerns of local parents, and school staff.

“Our Youth Officer is a dedicated police resource that works exclusively on youth issues in the Alberni Valley, including priority investigations such as this one, said Staff Sergeant Mac Richards of the Port Alberni RCMP.

“We are committed to the reduction of youth violence in the school community, and as such we will not tolerate these types of incidents- consensual or not.

Parallel investigations were launched by the Port Alberni RCMP and the Alberni District Secondary School, into these two fights, and the subsequent posting of the videos on line.

Both investigations have concluded that the fights were not part of an organized club, but rather cases of disagreements between the teen parties that were unfortunately resolved by physical means.

The video images were captured by a bystander, and were not planned by the youth involved in the fights.

At the conclusion of the school investigations, the administrators responded swiftly, issuing lengthy suspensions to all involved youth.

The Port Alberni RCMP works closely with school administrators, teachers and the students in School District 70 in the development and implementation of teen violence prevention initiatives, towards the ultimate goal of ensuring a safe and secure school environment for all, especially the community’s youth.


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