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Otis 'The Smiling Mountie' sets off for retirement

By Contributor
October 9th, 2012

The happy go lucky chocolate brown labrador turned in his long leash and protective vest this August, marking nine years of dedicated service with the BC RCMP as a drug sniffing dog.

Otis was posted to the Southeast District Traffic Services between 2003 to 2012, working the corridor highways of the Interior region of BC.

Otis worked with two dog handlers during his career, Cst Claude Brisebois followed by Cpl Ryan McLeod. All officers who had the pleasure to work with Otis always remarked on his friendly gregarious personality.

With numerous successful and lawful drug and other contraband seizures under his collar, 10 year old Otis also had his fifteen minutes of fame last year, when caught mugging for the cameras after one particular drug bust.

The photo earned him the nickname of Otis The Smiling Mountie. His smiling picture burned up the internet and in working dog publications around North America.

Not one for fame though, he took it all in stride and was just happy to get to play with his toy later that day.

All our dogs that serve as police dogs are incredibly dedicated, one could say obsessive about their work ,they are truly amazing and a joy to work with, said Cpl Ryan McLeod.

He is a great dog and I wish him good health and lots of play time in his retirement years. Other then occasionally spilling my coffee in our cruiser he was a great partner, chuckled Cpl Ryan McLeod.

Otis finished off with some last training duties while imparting some wisdom to the new recruit, Police Service Dog Jett # 845.

Otis headed off last month to his new home with a loving family on a Southern Alberta Farm.

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