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RCMP apprehend four racers on Highway 1

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September 25th, 2012

At approximately 4 p.m. on Saturday (September 22) RCMP Fraser Valley Traffic Services responded to a complaint of four vehicles that appeared to be street racing on Highway 1 in the east bound lanes at Number 3 Road.
The witness stated that the vehicles were traveling in excess of 130 kilomters per hour and were passing vehicles on the shoulder of the roadway and following behind each other as they weaved in and out of traffic.
Fraser Valley Traffic Services officers observed the high end vehicles as they passed through the Chilliwack area.

Three of the four vehicles were observed attempting to block the traffic from passing, by driving slowly in the travel portion of the highway.

Racing drivers will work together to prevent other traffic from passing to allow the racing vehicles a clear area to gain high rates of speed. 

Two of the vehicles were safely pulled over by officers and the third associated vehicle returned to the area.
A 2013 Audi S5, 2013 Land Rover and 2011 BMW 328i were all impounded.

The drivers of the vehicles, 19-20 year old males currently living in Richmond, BC, were charged with drive without reasonable consideration which carries a $196 fine and had their licenses immediately suspended for 15 days with the possibility of further suspension. 

Only one driver had a valid BC class 5 drivers licence.

The other two drivers had Chinese National drivers licences valid in BC only while they attended school.

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