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Health employer agrees to ongoing consultation regarding potential concerns for nurses

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August 28th, 2012

Following the BC health authorities’ decision to make flu shots compulsory for all health care workers without full consultation, the BC Nurses’ Union met with representatives from the HEABC (Health Employers Association) and the Fraser Health Authority Chief Medical Officer today.
“BCNU continues to encourage our members to get a flu shot as a sound preventative health measure,” said Margaret Dhillon, Executive Councillor for the BC Nurses’ Union

“We are pleased that the employer has agreed in this morning’s meeting to consult with us on a regular basis as this policy is implemented, in order to address concerns that our members may have.”
Dhillon re-iterated the union’s position that comprehensive education programs and effective management support are the keys to effective compliance with vaccination programs.
”We continue to support flu vaccination and other employee programs that are based on comprehensive education and not punishment.”
Dhillon says nurses are always first and foremost concerned for the safety of patients and are working under circumstances that are often difficult in terms of infection control.
“Health employers need to ensure that staffing levels, eliminating hallway care and improving cleanliness are also given the full attention of the employers and the government, “she concluded.

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