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West partnership two years old

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July 4th, 2012

The governments of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia are celebrating the two-year anniversary and implementation date of the New West Partnership.

“Signing the New West Partnership really cemented the strong relationship between our three provinces and highlighted our region’s growth-friendly policies,” said Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall.

“The New West Partnership is the gold standard across Canada in removing inter-provincial trade barriers,” British Columbia Premier Christy Clark said.

“It proves that the best way to create jobs and lasting prosperity is by working together to make our economies more competitive by reducing red-tape, streamlining regulation and creating a common business market. Not only has the New West Partnership helped to set the three provinces as economic leaders in Canada, but we are also better positioned to access important Asia Pacific markets.”

Signed in April 2010, the New West Partnership represents an unprecedented agreement between the three provinces to lower interprovincial trade barriers and harmonize regulations, making it easier for businesses and consumers to benefit from economic growth.

Since coming into effect on July 1, 2010, the agreement’s two-year anniversary marks the implementation of a host of growth-friendly initiatives, including commitments to pursue international co-operation, innovation and joint government purchasing.

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