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NPD officers collars suspect, retrieves his own stolen bike

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
July 7th, 2012

Nelson Police used the long arm of the law to successfully arrest a bike thief.

Good thing, because the thief had stolen the bike of the arresting officer.

In a rare twist of fate Monday (July 2), a Nelson Police officer stopped a cyclist riding without lights and helmet in an alley near Baker Street.

The 22-year-old male fabricated a story to police about the bike.

However, when the officer check out the bike, he realized the two-wheeler had been stolen from his own residence.

The man will appear in court in Nelson August 14 for charges of theft and possession of stolen property. 

Later that night, members stopped a vehicle in a routine stop.

The officer noted a smell of marijuana in the vehicle and the two occupants were detained.

During the search, . A quantity of hashish was located and seized in the vehicle.

Ironically, the driver was found to be the father of the person who was just arrested for stealing the same police members’ bike earlier in the night.

The father was released pending investigation into the seized drugs.

Watch out for Smokey the Bear

NPD assisted conservation officers with dispatching a bear in the local campground.

The bear had been seen in Nelson over the last few days and appears to have lost his natural aversion to people. People are reminded to secure their garbage and not leave it out overnight.

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