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Kemano tunnel project granted amemdment

By Contributor
July 22nd, 2012

After consultation with local municipalities, the government of British Columbia today issued an amendment to its 1950 agreement, as previously amended in 1987 and 1997, with Rio Tinto Alcan under the Industrial Development Act to allow for the company to complete its Kemano Back Up Tunnel Project.

Under the 2012 Amendment, Rio Tinto Alcan has been granted the authority to put in the second tunnel, connect the second tunnel to the first tunnel and existing penstocks, and complete the partially built intake for the second tunnel at West Tahtsa Lake.

The 2012 Amendment does not authorize the addition of any other works  — it does not provide any increase in water rights, and no other new works (including, but not limited to, the addition of new penstocks and related generators) are authorized by the agreement.

Upon issuance of the amendment, Rio Tinto Alcan will direct its 110 workers back to the work site and will expedite a return to a full construction schedule.

As part of its commitment to open government, the government of British Columbia, along with Rio Tinto Alcan, consulted with municipal governments in Kitimat, Vanderhoof, and Prince George before issuing this amendment. As well, Rio Tinto Alcan has consulted with local First Nations.

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