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B.C. government steps in to secure derelict vessels

By Contributor
July 3rd, 2012

Seven derelict vessels located along the Fraser River near Mission are now deemed secured.

Five steel piles and cables have been installed to secure the largest vessel, the former Queen of Sidney, and earlier today a qualified marine expert inspected and attested to the work done.

When crews arrived to do work late Thursday, it was noted the vessel had shifted position due to rising waters, putting additional stress on pre-existing tethers.

A declaration of environmental emergency remains in place as oil in one of the vessels continues to pose environmental risk. Work to remove the oil will commence shortly by a qualified marine response agency.

The ministry will continue to pursue cost recovery for any and all expenses incurred addressing the hazards posed by the situation.

High water conditions earlier this week made the vessels a significant risk to river traffic, houseboat residents, and critical downstream infrastructure including rail and highway bridges and other utilities alongside or crossing the Fraser.

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