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Progress on the Colours of Nelson Mural Project-- Video

Bill Metcalfe
By Bill Metcalfe
May 22nd, 2012

The large concrete wall at the base of the Orange Bridge near Lakeside Park is covered in scaffolding lately, and getting more colorful every day. 

After months of planning, Colours of Nelson has arrived. It’s a youth art mural project supported by Nelson Daybreak Rotary Club, Nelson and District Arts Council, Nelson District Youth Centre, Nelson City Police, City of Nelson Cultural Development Commission, Thor’s Pizza, Cowan’s, and Big Cranium.

In this five minute video you’ll meet some of the artists, watch them paint, and hear a progress report from coordinator Amber Santos. 

Participating artists are: Coleman Webb, Adrian Thibault, Bryn Stevenson, Rhoneil Eurchuck, Sérgio Santos, Amber Santos, Hannah De Boer, Matty Kakes, Alex Caulford, Olivia Mansveld, Dagan Cairn, Anaïs Fevrier, Brandon Brown, Ezra, and Raven Truth.

The project is moving along so quickly now that by the time you watch this video the visual part of it will be a pale suggestion of what’s on the wall now. The mural will have emerged even more vividly into our lake and bridge landscape. 

For more detail on the origins of this project, see an earlier The Nelson Daily story here.

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