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Hostage-taker in Kamloops explosion identified

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May 22nd, 2012

Coroner Mark Coleman said the man who died in a fiery explosion following a dramatic hostage-taking in Kamloops Friday has been identified as Denann Bruce Crosby, 48, of Langley.

Coleman said the body was recovered from under the rubble at the site on Saturday, but no autopsy will be performed.

The man took a Kamloops woman hostage late Thursday night. 

Crosby and the woman knew each other through work connections and he had been stalking her prior to the explosion.

The woman was released following a six-hour standoff with police and the home exploded a short time later.

Family friends say the family lost everything in the explosion, and donations have been pouring in, but they still need clothing for all four children and a new place to live.

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