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Hang-gliding pilot charged with Obstructing Justice

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May 1st, 2012

RCMP have arrested and charged William Johnathan Orders with Obstructing Justice following the hang-gliding death Saturday near Agassiz.

Shortly before noon Satuday, Lenami Dafne Godinez died when a 27-year-old woman slipped from his grip and plunged 300 metres to her death about 30 seconds after the launch of the tandem flight.

“This is an absolutely tragic accident, there are really no other words to describe it,” said RCMP Corporal Tammy Hollingsworth. 

“What exactly happened as far as why she fell is still under investigation and we are hoping the investigation will answer that question as well as other questions we all may have.”

The charge is related to the allegation that he withheld potential key evidence which could help determine whether he played a role in any wrong doing.

The Agassiz RCMP and the BC Coroner’s Services are continuing their investigations.


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