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The passage of whales come alive at the Nelson Library

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April 5th, 2012

It’s a love affair that first began in the south of France, but it’s a romance of a different kind. The romance is Virginie Baysse’s passion for photography that first began on that Mediterranean shore.

Since then, the Nelson photographer’s work has exhibited in France, Montreal, and the Kootenays.

Her series Les baleines des Escoumins is on display at the Nelson Public Library through April and May.

Says Baysse, “In this magic place of the north coast of Québec, on the Saint-Laurent River, whales such as Minkes, Fins, and Humpbacks have been caressing the shore on their migratory journey for thousands of years.”

Baysse’s photographic eye captures the subtle shapes and colours in tidal pools and rock formations that pay homage to these awe-inspiring marine mammals.

The magic is reflected in a series of photographic landscape images that honour the impressions left by their passage.

Baysse was educated in France in psychology and education and has since embraced studies in visual arts, art therapy, and other disciplines in Québec. She sees photography as a way to explore and share the earth’s stories.

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