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The older the person, the more sensitive to the effects of alcohol

By Contributor
April 24th, 2012

Did you know that as we age we become more sensitive to the effects of alcohol?

The amount of alcohol we were once able to consume safely decreases, and drinking can have additional and serious consequences.

The B.C. government has released a brochure and web-based information to provide guidance on low risk drinking for seniors.

These are available at:

Brochures may be ordered by calling the Health and Seniors Information Line toll-free at 1-800-465-4911.

Alcohol can cause a number of health problems. Too much alcohol can contribute to chronic diseases, including cancer and some heart conditions. Almost half of all prescription drugs taken by older people can interact with alcohol.

Even the smallest amount of alcohol could negatively impact the effectiveness of medications.

Alcohol-related problems in older adults can be mistaken for physical, social or emotional conditions associated with aging.

Problem drinking can place a major burden on families and the health-care system.

While there are supports for older adults, it is always a good idea for family and friends to watch for signs that drinking could be a problem.

Providing information and tools for advance care planning is one of the priority actions in the Seniors Action Plan.

Through ‘Improving Care for B.C. Seniors: An Action Plan’, the Province is building a more-accessible, transparent and accountable approach to seniors’ care.

The plan contains specific deliverables to help seniors and their families navigate the health system, easily access information about care options and have a clear and simple way to register complaints and have their concerns addressed.

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