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Buzz on Business — Derek Diener Demystifying Home Buying in the Kootenays

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
April 13th, 2012

As a former professional hockey player, Derek Diener knows what it takes to achieve a goal . .. any goal. And now with more than ten years of experience in the real estate sector, most recently as an investment consultant in the area of large-scale real estate projects, Diener wants to do the same for his clients. The Nelson Daily business writer, Nyree Marsh, sat down with Diener to discuss his business.


Whether buying your first home or refinancing to renovate, investing your money into real estate can be both exciting and daunting.

Mortgage Broker Derek Diener demystifies lending and in the process creates great working relationships with his clients.

From Diener’s home office on scenic Kootenay Lake, he is able to serve clients across Canada, but enjoys the majority of his business here in his own backyard. Diener is a member of Mortgage Financing BC, which functions under the umbrella of Invis, the largest mortgage brokerage firm in Canada.

This gives Diener access to over 40 different lending institutions in Canada including major banks and credit unions, benefiting his clients with broad financing options.

Diener’s clients benefit from his passion and experience with real estate, as well as, his forward thinking approach to the investment economy.

Attention to market trends, and knowledge of what is happening in the economy, informs his thoughtful assessment of his clients needs. First time home buyers are a favourite of Diener’s.

These new clients have an infectious enthusiasm and pride in their new homes that inspires him. His enjoyment of working for people is evident when he speaks of the relationship he creates with clients.

“I create a relationship with clients to set up financing to have a plan for the future; and once financing is created, to keep in touch in the future,” says Diener, “ I love to hear people’s dreams, plans and their vision.”

Diener’s own experience as a home owner, real estate manager, and someone who has completed his own renovations, gives him an approachable, down to earth understanding of his client’s concerns.

He helps clients to think realistically with his practical insight into building projects and financing.

As a Kootenay resident, Diener understands the unique features of the properties and people of this region. He enjoys the professional challenges presented by working for clients in a secluded area.

As an entrepreneur, he also appreciates the task of negotiating financing for other creative entrepreneurs, who are typically regarded as an investment risk by banks.

The diversity of people and properties keeps Diener’s work dynamic and interesting.“I get excited about my work, I learn every day from my clients.” Diener said.

His personal approach to his clients allows him the satisfaction of meeting new people, touring incredible Kootenay properties, and occasionally seeing what appears to be worthless land made beautiful by homeowner ingenuity.

A former Western Hockey League star, Diener was originally drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers, and continued on to successful professional careers in both hockey and golf.

Diener fulfills his passion for outdoor sports with a dynamic blend of activities which are kept varied by the Kootenay climate. He can be found on his boat or the golf green during the summer and out on the slopes and the ice in the winter.

A self described sports freak, Diener is able to pair his community spirit with his love of sports, through his membership with the Rotary Club of Nelson Daybreak.

The Nelson Daybreak club has helped provide fundraisers such as SK8FEST for the Kootenay Lake Outdoor Skatepark; a project near to the hearts of many youth and outdoor skate enthusiasts in the Nelson area. Skatepark supporters such as Diener and the Rotary Club keep the momentum going for the project.  

Diener says he, “is floored by the commitment and involvement of Rotary volunteers within Canada and internationally.”

Diener has achieved a long list of accomplishments by the age of 35, but this personable young entrepreneur is humble and would rather speak of the spectacular beauty of the region and his satisfaction with Kootenay life.

His optimism and interest in people blended with his strong practical and professional skills give him a natural ease with the tension of mortgage financing.

He sums up his success thus far by observing his current state of contentment.

“I am excited; I live in the best place in the world and have a business that is flourishing.”








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