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Balfour Ferry terminal gets new Drive BC camera . . . Nelson added later

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April 26th, 2012

The Province is adding 30 web cameras to its DriveBC network this year, giving motorists more opportunities to check real-time traffic, road and weather conditions as they plan their trips.

Eleven of these will be in the Southern and Central Interior.

With new webcams, motorists will be able to check traffic and weather conditions at the ferry terminals at Balfour (Highway 3A) and Galena Bay (Highway 23).

A camera will be added to Highway 3A at Nelson and to Highway 3 in the Bombi Pass.

These 30 new webcams, along with the addition of a number of construction cameras from around the province, will bring the number of webcam images available on DriveBC to over 250.

Installations are scheduled to begin this spring, and it is anticipated all will be in operation before winter.

Priority for new web cameras is given to routes prone to extreme weather or traffic congestion, and for sites where there is not already a nearby webcam.

To help ensure easier, safer trips, DriveBC provides timely road condition updates, travel advisories, road closure information for provincial highways, weather information and other important links to the travelling public.

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