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Highway crews busy repairing overhead sign damaged in crash

Bruce Fuhr
By Bruce Fuhr
March 1st, 2012

Road crews have been busy this week repairing the overhead directional sign on Highway 6/3A after a vehicle struck and severed the pole off its base Friday afternoon during a winter storm.

The severed pole is on the city, or east, side of the highway.

“We had an engineering consultant come out (Wednesday) and confirm what we’ve done has made it safe for the public,” Arn Von-Maydell of the Ministry of Transportation told The Nelson Daily.

Friday afternoon during the most recent winter storm, a vehicle slid into the base of the sign from the curb lane.

The collision completely dislodge the sign pole from its base, but luckily, the severed pole became buried into the ground.

Local highway contractor YRB (Yellowhead Road and Bridge) quickly stabilized the sign’s pole with mock blocks.

“We were really fortunate for everyone the sign was knocked 10 feet down the road breaking it off right at the base,” Von-Maydell explained. “YRB was there very quick and stabilized the sign in a few hours.”

This week crews erected a crib wall to secure the pole.

Von-Maydell said the consultant is expected to have a report to the Ministry by the end of the week giving direction on the best way to fix the damaged pole.

“We’re going to determine if it’s cheaper to fix or replace the legs,” Von-Maydell said.

The Ministry will fix the sign soon as possible and, because a vehicle was involved in the accident, will go to the insurance company to recoup the cost.

Von-Maydell said traffic flows leaving or entering Nelson has not been interrupted during the construction.

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