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Elephant Mountain Review magazine hits streets Saturday

By Contributor
March 11th, 2012

There’s a new magazine hitting the streets of the Heritage City.

The Elephant Mountain Review is set to take off to new heights during a launch Saturday, March 17 at SelfDesign High, located at 402 Victoria St. (upstairs in the Legion Hall) in Nelson. 

Some of feature writers include, Elena Banfield, Pippa Bowley, David Bracewell, Ellen Burt, Olindo Chiocca, Linda Crosfield, Alvin Ens, Denis Foley, Robert Banks Foster, Joel Guay, Tom Hardy, Kathryn Hartley, Sandra Hartline, Margaret Hornby, Paula Hudson-lunn, Glyn Humphries, Sean Arthur Joyce, Anna Kirkpatrick, Don R Law, Volker  M, Phil Mader, Mark Mealing, Jordan Mounteer, Bree Switzer, Doug Wilton and Caroline Woodward.

The launch party runs from 7-9 p.m.

Come check it out.

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