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Driving slow lands Vancouver man in jail for cocaine possession

By Contributor
March 25th, 2012

Driving slow lands Vancouver man in jail for cocaine possession

Driving slower than the speed limit can be just as bad as speeding.

Just as the 26-year-old man from Vancouver now facing firearms and drug charges.

On Tuesday (March 20), a member of the Southeast District Traffic Unit seized 180 grams of cocaine and a 22 cal handgun after a traffic stop near Kamloops.

The subject passed the unmarked police vehicle on Highway 5, just north of Kamloops and immediately slowed down.

The officer continued to observe the driving pattern and noted the driver continued traveling in the passing lane at a speed well below the posted speed limit. As a result of the slow speed he was impeding traffic and created a lineup of vehicles.

The officer stopped the vehicle and while dealing with the driver noted several indicators that caused him to enter into an investigation under the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act.

A police service dog was deployed and he gave a positive indication for drugs. The driver was arrested and vehicle searched.

The search located close to seven ounces (180 grams) of cocaine, a 22 cal Berretta handgun, a small quantity of marihuana and over $2000 cash.

Considering that street level cocaine is commonly trafficked in quantities of 1/4, ½ and 1 gram quantities, the seizure is a considerable amount of drugs to be taken out of circulation in addition to removing an illegal firearm that may have been utilized in other criminal offences.

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