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Large New Public Mural Planned for Nelson

Bill Metcalfe
By Bill Metcalfe
February 28th, 2012


There will soon be a huge new mural in Nelson, and the public will have a chance  to brainstorm ideas for its theme and design.

Youthful artists in the Nelson area can apply to collaborate with four older artist mentors to produce a mural on the 180-square-meter wall under the approach to the Orange Bridge near Lakeside Park.

The Colors of Nelson Project is supported by Nelson Daybreak Rotary Club, Nelson and District Arts Council, Nelson District Youth Centre, Nelson City Police, City of Nelson Cultural Development Commission, Thor’s Pizza, Cowan’s, and Big Cranium.

Experience in Brazil

Local artists Amber Santos and Sérgio Santos are spearheading the project. Both have extensive experience in Brazil and in Canada with street art and working with youth on artistic and cultural projects. They will be two of the four artist mentors guiding the design and production of the mural, along with Bryn Stevenson and Rhoneil Eurchuk.

How to apply

Youth between the age of 16 and 29 who wish to take part should, says Amber Santos, “submit one page maximum, describing your artistic experience and why you are interested in being part of this project and send to by March 8.

“We don’t expect they have ever painted on a large scale. We want a group of boys and girls of different ages who are passionate about art. And they have to be really excited, because it takes a lot of work to paint a mural. So we want people who have lots of energy and are really willing to climb up the scaffolding and get into it.”

“We want to give them the opportunity to do a mural in their home city,” says  Sérgio Santos. “and break the idea that street art is vandalism, and bring their best to the streets.” 

Public brainstorming session

On March 9 there will be a public meeting to brainstorm potential themes for the mural, and to discuss street art in general. “If you enjoy Lakeside Park and want to have a say in what you will be looking at down there for the next few years,” says Amber, “you should come out. This is a chance to dialogue with artists and with City Hall and the police; this is a chance to build community.” The meeting will be held at the Nelson Youth Centre from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.

The sponsoring organizations will not determine the content of the mural but there will be some guidelines developed with their input, mainly for the purpose of avoiding such things as derogatory images.

Joining a worldwide art movement

“I see street art and graffiti as this really vibrant worldwide art movement,” says Amber Santos. “We need to be talking about it even though there are controversial parts of it. It brings up questions of public space and private space. It is really important and young people are really tuned into it.”

Colors of Nelson can be contacted on its Facebook page or at the email address above.

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