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RCMP asks West Van PD to investigate arrest in Revelstoke

By Contributor
January 17th, 2012

The RCMP have asked the West Vancouver Police Department to investigate the apprehension of a wanted man, where injuries were sustained by both the accused and an RCMP officer.
John Robert Murrell remains in custody after allegedly fleeing from police four times this past weekend, and providing a false name when captured.

Golden RCMP initially conducted a traffic stop on Murrell’s vehicle on Saturday, January 14th at about 2 a.m.

When the RCMP member approached the vehicle, Murrell sped off. Neighbouring detachments were alerted.

Murrell’s vehicle failed to stop for police on another two occasions when he was spotted. On the fourth sighting of Murrell’s vehicle, police were able to safely deploy a spike belt.

Although the vehicle continued on, police were eventually able to stop it and arrest Murrell, who provided a false name. Murrell was taken to cells where he was examined by EHS for any injuries that may have been sustained during the arrest. Police then transported Murrell to hospital for x-rays. He was then cleared by medical staff and returned to cells.
Later on Saturday the hospital asked to re-assess Murrell. He was returned to hospital.

Upon arrival, Murrell ran out of the hospital and jumped down a 20-foot embankment attempting to elude police. He was located and while again attempting to escape from police an RCMP officer suffered a broken shoulder. Murrell was arrested and returned to hospital for his follow-up examination.
The accused was identified through fingerprints as John Robert Murrell. He is currently facing numerous charges, including Dangerous Driving, Dangerous Driving Causing Bodily Harm, Fleeing Arrest, Assault P.O., Escape Lawful Custody and Obstruct Justice.
As the West Vancouver Police Department is conducting this independent investigation, any media inquiries should be directed to them.

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