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Village of Slocan delivers notice to overdue tax payers

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
December 7th, 2011

The Village of Slocan is serving notice to some residents that taxes are overdue, and one of those owing is their biggest landowner.

Currently there is a sum of $335,388 in overdue taxes waiting to go into Village coffers — a number that could create an issue with cash flow in early 2012 if it is not collected.

But the biggest culprit of that owed sum is the Springer Creek Mill, which closed its operation temporarily in May.

Chief administrative officer for the Village, Jack Richardson, said during the regular meeting of council on Nov. 14 the Village has to come up with a plan now to deal with the situation.

“If the land is in arrears it goes to tax sale,” said Richardson.

In September when the first late tax notices were sent out, the Village had 12 properties that were in arrears, but on the day of the tax sale later that month there was only one still in arrears.

If a property owner continues to refuse to pay taxes, their property can be sold for an “upset” price, what the Village is owed on the taxes, administration fees and any other costs that are incurred. The owner then has a year to redeem that property.

“Eventually we’ll get our money or end up with some property,” he said.

As for the sawmill, they still haven’t paid some of their taxes from 2010 and 2011. Richardson did not say how much, but hinted the amount was “considerable.”

“We’ve got some discussions going on with them,” he said.


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