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The man in the red suit shares a few thoughts with The Nelson Daily

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By The Nelson Daily Sports
December 22nd, 2011

It’s a tough job — ya working one day a year — but somebody’s got to do it.
Santa Claus no doubt will once again work his magic Christmas Eve, exchanging gifts for a few millions cookies and milk — eggnog in some houses.
The Nelson Daily fired off a call to the North Pole to check on how plans are going for Christmas 2011.

TND: How’s the year been Santa and how are you able to keep up with the demand for presents?

Santa: Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas to all my favourite girl’s and boys, big and small, in the West Kootenays. You have all been very good this year so there’s no need for a naughty list this year. I will be making lots of stops in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

This year has been very busy year as Sparky (my head elf) who told me that the world population capped the 6 Billion mark so that means the elves have to make a few more gifts this year.

Also Rudolf is starting to make inquiries into a possible extra reindeer in the future to help with the extra weight (and I don’t mean my belly . . .. Ho Ho Ho).

TND: We all know the story about Rudolph. Why haven’t you got with the program and installed a new radar tracking system yet?

Santa: The reindeer have been even asking about getting one of them new GPS (Global Positioning System) things just to make sure we get to all the children who have moved into new houses since they sent their letters to me.

TND: Do you have any special presents for Nelsonites you can share with us before Christmas Day?

Santa: Well, only if you promise not to let the cat out of the bag.
Nelson Leaf fans won’t need to wait for Christmas Day. They already opened their presents during the summer with in hiring of the head coach (Frank Maida).

I know it’s been tough for Frank coming in so late so I’ll try to deliver heath for the players and stay away from any concussions.

For skateboarders, I’ll plant a message in the ears of Mayor John Dooley and Council to build that long awaited skate park built.

There are quite a few teams in the Nelson Mixed Slo-pitch League, but only one winner most years and that’s Jackson’s Hole, led by team manager Joe (Capriglione). .

Santa: Maybe we’ll drop a few new Christmas bats into the stockings of the players from the other teams in the league to help give them a fighting chance against Jackson’s.

TND: Any last words Santa before you head out on the big night?

Santa: Anyhow I must get back to work as the elf board is pressing me for some last minute decisions.

Wishing you all (yes I’m going to say it because it’s me and I’ve always said it) the very merriest of Christmas and may you all prosper in what ever wishes you have for the New Year.

Thanks Santa and have a safe and merry ride Saturday night.


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