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A celebration and activation of our inner light

December 20th, 2011

We are diving into the Winter Solstice, with a celebration and activation of our inner light Wednesday, Dec. 21starting at 4 p.m. — there is a global didgeridoo earth blessing.

All of over the world at Sundown of the Solstice, Didge players will be sending out currents of healing sound. Feel free to join us at the Temple of Oneness, in Six Mile, or to play from your own Temples. We will end with a big pot of healing soup.

At 6 p.m. we will chant our divine connections, with Alison’s beautiful Kirtan, moving into Circle Singing with Andrej, and friends, moving and singing our divine embodiment.

And ending with Drum, Dance and Chant with Kai, Serah, Andrej, and friends.

This is open to all of you, to create with your beauty and prayers, in whichever way or instrument moves through you. A wild divine party. Awaken the tribal, and ascend into our one Joy. The Solstice is a wonderful opportunity to let go of all which keeps us separate and less than infinite.

To come fully into our oneness, the manifested prayer of our highest bliss.

By blessed donation. We will have some raw food snacks for sale to keep us energized.

Bring some super food snacks to share if you wish.

Bring your instruments, your open heart, and the courage to find freedom.

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