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Voter turnout shows Area D as cut above the rest: Shadrack

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
November 23rd, 2011


Monday November 21

In an age of cynicism and scepticism I am honoured to serve the people of an Electoral Area who so clearly value the importance of voting in elections:

RDCK Voter Turnout

Garry Jackman – Area A Acclaimed
Larry Binks – Area C Acclaimed
Gordon Zaitsoff – Area J Acclaimed
Paul Peterson – Area K Acclaimed

John Kettle – Area B: 27.1% turnout
Andy Shadrack – Area D: 63.3% turnout
Ramona Faust – Area E: 33.8% turnout
Ron Michel – Area F: 22.3% turnout
Hans Cunningham – Area G: 36% turnout
Walter Popoff – Area H: 24.8% turnout
Andy Davidoff – Area I:18.6% turnout

Andy Shadrack, director Area D

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