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White Star Lady comes to the Langham in Kaslo

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October 14th, 2011

Created and performed by Jane Gaudet, White Star Lady is one-woman musical show about the life and adventures of Ms. Violet Jessop.

The play, about a stewardess aboard ocean liners for 43 years, takes place Saturday, Oct. 15 (7:30 p.m.) in Kaslo at the Langham Theatre.

Jessop’s experiences at sea are unequalled by anyone in her position. The majority of her years were spent working for the White Star Line, and she was aboard all three of the ill-fated sister ships: RMS Olympic, RMS Titanic, and HMHS Britannic — and she survived them all.

The personal stories of these incidents, as well as a thoroughly researched account of the life and character of Jessop, are all documented in this unique and engaging musical production.

This show came to Kaslo last year, yet due to several other events going on at the time, only nine people saw this show. Since all nine of them loved the show, we decided to bring it back for the rest of the community to enjoy. 

White Star Lady was written by Mark Pollard with music by Nadine Tremblay. This creation is made possible thanks to The Columbia Basin TrustTrail and District Arts Council and the Rossland Council for Arts and Culture. White Star Lady is Directed by RJ Peters.

  • All tickets $15 available at Willow Home Gallery & Sunnyside Naturals in Kaslo.


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