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Nelson Municipal Election 2011: Adams' desire to see Nelson continue to move forward and prosper

Nelson Daily Editor
By Nelson Daily Editor
October 31st, 2011

By Bob Adams

In March, 1978 my family and I moved to Nelson from Estevan, Sask.

We moved because I received a great employment opportunity with the City of Nelson as director of Works and Services. 

I retired in December of 2004. We bought a home with a spectacular view of the big orange bridge and the West Arm of Kootenay Lake.

Three things that my family immediately enjoyed about Nelson were: the water (it was way better tasting than the water in Saskatchewan); the rarity of wind (as compared to those Prairie winds); and the winters were so warm you didn’t have to plug in your car as there were no -40 degree Celsius temperatures.

When I arrived, I became active with the local Kinsmen Club, as I had already been a member in Saskatchewan. I became a charter member of the Nelson Daybreak Rotary Club, and now I am a member of the noon Rotary Club.

I was the president of BC Public Works Association, receiving a life membership in 2004, president of the local Métis Association and a senator for the Métis Nation in both Saskatchewan and B.C. 

I served as a Justice of the Peace for four years in each province. I am a member of The Nelson and District Housing Society, Branch 51 Seniors, School District No. 8 Aboriginal Education Enhancement Board, the Nelson Early Childhood Advisory Council and I am the representative for the Métis Nation of B.C. on Selkirk College’s Aboriginal Committee.

My family is very important to me. When time permits, I enjoy a round of golf.

Decision to run again

My decision to run for a third term is based on my desire to see Nelson continue to move forward and prosper. 

Nelson is the greatest place to live, work and raise a family, and I am committed to working diligently to ensure that this continues.

I became interested in running for council when I retired because I was, and continue to be, engaged in the future of Nelson.

Several studies on infrastructure and transportation were in the works and I wanted to help move the recommendations forward. I bring my years of experience working for municipalities to the council table.

When I was working for the City, I knew that I actually had 9,700 bosses — everyone living in Nelson. I learned to listen and tried to be helpful for all the residents. As a politician, I have found that these same principles can serve you, our residents. 

My views on …

… the City having its own police force?

  • Nelson is unique with its own police force, fire department, transit and hydro systems — no other community of our size can boast of these assets. I certainly do not see Nelson changing any of these departments.

… Sunday bus service?

  • I am in full agreement with Council’s decision to send the Sunday bus service concern back to staff to see how the service might be re-instituted.

… waterfront development?

  • Our waterfront has three sections, each with a different use. The West End from the mall to Cottonwood Creek has been designated commercial use, including the airport. The Central Waterfront from the mall to the bridge, including Rotary Lakeside Park, is for sporting activities, while from the bridge to the end of the former KFP site has developed as residential, with Red Sands Beach on our eastern border. I am of the opinion that this is a good mixture of uses for our waterfront.

… development in general?

  • I have always been in favor of planned development and growth within Nelson. For Nelson to remain vibrant we need to have development. If we try to stop development and coast, the only way we will coast is downhill.

… the Civic Centre and its (lack of) theatre?

  • The lack of a movie theatre in Nelson is a concern, and council has asked city staff to work on a solution. My goal is see the Civic Theatre, once again, showing movies. We have a great live theatre, but movies are also an important form of entertainment for many people. Economically speaking, it is a shame to see those dollars going to Castlegar.

… allowing dogs on Baker Street?

  • Dogs on Baker Street are not a concern of mine, provided they are on a leash, under control and the owners are responsible and pick up after their pets.

… making Nelson more of a tourist destination?

  • Nelson is already a great tourist destination and we must ensure that we maintain these distinguishing characteristic.

… water rates for downtown business?

  • Water rates for the downtown core are based on usage and fire flow requirements. Design specifications for minimum flows are 2.5 times higher in commercial areas than in residential which results in larger pipe sizes and therefore more cost to supply water to commercial areas.

… eliminating parking on Baker Street?

  • I feel that eliminating parking on Baker Street would reduce our tourism value and chase people away from the downtown core.

… the Canucks chance of getting back to the Stanley Cup final?

  • The way the Canucks have started the season makes me think that their chances of a Stanley Cup win are extremely small but I have been wrong in the past.


The city has completed several very important studies over the past few years. The issue for me is that the City must proceed with completing the actions and recommendations of these studies, before they become outdated.

I feel that Nelson’s biggest problem is affordable housing. Although we have made some recent progress in this area, I would like to move on this issue faster than at a snail’s pace. I do know, however, that many communities in B.C. and across Canada share this challenge. 

I would like to see the processes at City Hall speeded up. In my opinion, there is too much red tape. Council needs to update their bylaws and policies to make things easier for those who do business at City Hall. We have created a bureaucracy that needs to be resident and business friendly alike.   


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