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Moving mountains to improve Highway 1 safety near Golden

October 24th, 2011

The construction of a retaining wall three stories high will be part of improvements to 1.2 kilometres of the Trans-Canada Highway east of Golden, helping make this important route safer and more reliable.

This work will begin four kilometres east of Golden, and includes four-laning, retaining wall construction, concrete median barrier, improved drainage, wildlife fencing, and re-vegetation. Almost 60 jobs are expected to be generated over the life of the projects.

At approximately 125 metres long and nine m. high at the tallest point, the retaining wall enables expanding the road from two lanes to four while eliminating tight curves and stabilizing the steep slope in this area.

This highway improvement, including the improvements underway between Golden Hill and West Portal, will widen the Trans-Canada Highway to four lanes for distance of almost six km east of Golden.

A $4.98-million contract has been awarded to Tercon Construction. Construction will begin this fall, with completion anticipated in one year.

This work is the final portion of the $68.5-million Golden Hill to West Portal project, jointly funded by the federal, provincial and local governments. The Government of Canada is investing up to $32.3 million under the Building Canada Fund, and the Town of Golden is contributing $570,000.

This is part of the Kicking Horse Canyon/Trans-Canada Corridor Project, and is just one of a number of recent improvements to safety and reliability of travelers and commerce leading to our communities and trade ports.

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