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Replacement of Linden trees in 600 block of Baker Street

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
September 9th, 2011

On Sunday, Aug. 14, City crews removed four Linden trees from the area outside 616 Baker Street.

There has been a long standing issue, dating as far back as 1997, with odour and a sticky substance dropping from these particular linden trees, mostly during the hotter days of summer.

Various theories were explored by the City and some remedial measures were tried.

Ladybugs were introduced as a way to control the aphids in the trees, but this was only marginally effective. All other sources of the odour were checked and discounted.

City staff were directed by City council to resolve the issue. After meeting with affected business owners, it was decided that the Linden trees would be replaced with another type of tree, such as honey locust trees.

Honey Locusts in other areas of Baker Street have done well, and have not caused similar problems.

Staff also noted that, while there are 19 other Linden trees on Baker Street, the odour and sticky substance do not seem to be as noticeable, or problematic, with these trees.

The trees on Baker Street occasionally do need to be replaced as they grow larger. The aim is to have trees that enhance, rather than overwhelm, the heritage buildings of the downtown core.

The Linden trees will be replaced in fall, once the weather is cooler.

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