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New video promo for Blues Singing courses at Oxygen Art Centre

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
September 24th, 2011

Bessie Wapp has been warming up her vocal cords in preparation for a new blues singing course at Oxygen Art Centre.

We popped in on her unexpectedly to find out exactly what that involved. Watch the video to see it with your own eyes. Blues Singing I started Thursday, Sept. 22 and is brand new by request.

Blues Singing II begins Saturday, Sept. 24. Registration is through Kootenay School of Art (250-352-2821) or drop by 606 Victoria St. 

More info: look under “classes,” or in the Continuing Education Calendar.

Also at Oxygen

The Oxygen Art Centre is also offering courses in painting, writing and filmmaking this fall. 

  • Coming up fast is Brad Carr’s “Fiction Fundamentals.”

This course will combine intensive writing exercises with reading and critiquing the work of others. 

  • Murray Kimber will be teaching “The Essential Figure: Drawing.”

The human form has long been a standard in art. This course offers a simple, logical approach to figure drawing based on three areas of emphasis.  

  • Natasha Smith will be sharing her extensive knowledge of collage in her “Collage Painting” course.

Learn how to create interesting surfaces using a diverse range of materials and then combine painterly techniques to create colourful textural paintings.  

  • Deb Thompson will be offering “Inside Out: Figure Painting.” 

In this course students will study the human figure from the inside out  – exploring how the human skeleton informs the body’s outlying structure and movement. 

  • Cassie Beecham will be teaching “Playwriting.”

This course will help students develop a half hour stage play while coming to understand plot, dialogue and characterization.

For complete information and dates and details please go to our website or follow us on Facebook.

Registration is through Kootenay School of Art (250-352-2821) or drop by 606 Victoria St. More info:

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