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Work schedule resumes on downtown electrical upgrade

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August 23rd, 2011

The lines of communication and commerce are now stronger in Nelson’s downtown as the electrical upgrade is complete.

With power disruptions destined to be fewer and further in between, a few smaller clean up works are left.

Civil works crews (CGL Contracting Ltd) left town as of Aug. 10 but returned this week for a final 10 day schedule which will see excavation in:

  • Herridge Lane from Josephine Street through to Ward Street. The works in this section will be a coordinated effort for a public works sewer line upgrade and Nelson Hydro’s underground electrical system extension. Works in this section will likely be 3-5 days depending on existing ground conditions and utilities in the area.
  • On Victoria Street by the Library/Police Station excavation will take place for the installation of a new transformer adjacent to the existing unit which will provide electrical supply to the Kootenay Place Building.
  • Minor excavations will take place at various locations in the downtown core which will cause portioned and/or short period (half day) lane closures.
  • Asphalt patching has for the most part been completed on all streets that have seen excavation. Patching is still required in the lane behind the Telus Office Facility on Victoria Street and several of the smaller excavated locations throughout the laneways.

These works will be completed at various intervals or schedules over the month of August.

Powerline Contractors-PEI/Henkels & McCoy have commenced work on the installation of the underground system network cables/conductors, padmount transformers and associated terminations as of Aug. 9 with a scheduled completion time frame of six to eight weeks.

After which selective portions of the old system will be transferred to the new system.

Current construction schedules:

  • Mid to Late September – Completion of all the underground system network cables/conductors, padmount transformers, associated terminations and subsequent energization of the system.
  • Mid September to Mid October – Installation or stringing of the aerial secondary distribution system conductors on all of the newly installed poles (both lanes).
  • Mid October to Late Fall – Specific customer transfers to the new overhead secondary distribution system along with possible removal of some of the old overhead infrastructure.
  • Fall 2011 – Early 2012 -Telus and Shaw Cable commence installation of respective plant or infrastructure and subsequent customer transfers.
  • Spring-Early Summer 2012 – Removal of all old pole structures and wires remaining.
  • For more information please call Nelson Hydro Administration at (250) 352-8240.

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