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The otherworldly art of George Binns exhibited at the Nelson Public Library

Nelson Daily Editor
By Nelson Daily Editor
August 28th, 2011

The otherworldy artwork of George Michael Binns is now on display at the Nelson Public Library.

These rich, landscape-inspired abstract and figurative works add texture and colour to the library’s walls, from the vertical, lilac-hued acrylic Into the Mystique to the acrylic and rice paper vista in Extreme Exposure, every mountain climber’s ultimate dream.

“I paint to express the wide range of possibilities available to human consciousness,” explains Binns. “On a daily basis we deal with a multitude of stimuli from multi-dimensional realities. My art is a juxtaposition of multi-dimensions; a journey into the mystique.”

Binns began life as a Toronto city slicker, but good sense prevailed, and he found his way through a series of travel adventures to BC. Ten years in the Kootenays, the artist says he was “called here in spirit.”

He brings to his paintings a background in commercial art, adding inspiration from nature to create paintings as much mindscape as landscape.

The exhibition continues through September.

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