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Drop the needle: keeping the legacy going and satisfying needs

Nelson Daily Editor
By Nelson Daily Editor
July 3rd, 2011

Eleven years ago, after nine months of fundraising, negotiating, and campaigning, the directors of the Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation used to take the summer off. 

Then they decided to hold a golf tournament. Over the decade that tournament became a major part of the Granite Pointe summer schedule.

Last year the Legacy Golf Event was put on hold but this year it’s back, it’s scheduled for Sunday July 10, and the Foundation has found a way to include even non-golfers in the fun.

“Last year both our directors and supporters were just too busy with the CT Campaign to become involved in one more project,” said director and one of the tournament organizers, Marge Witton. “Well this year a summer afternoon with 100 new and old friends is a great idea and it gets our important annual goals back on track.” 

The Legacy Golf Event was originally designed to promote the Foundation’s Legacy Endowment Fund which is expected to satisfy the annual demands for new medical equipment without having to fundraise from the community every year.

Getting the drop on the event

The second goal was to simply involve the wider community in Foundation affairs. On that note Foundation directors are busy selling $10 tickets for the First Golf Ball Drop so that those who can’t make it to Granite Pointe still have a chance to come away with a prize.

Over the next two weeks they’ll sell up to 1,000 numbered golf balls and at 7:00 pm on July 10 the balls will be dropped from the Nelson Fire Department’s ladder truck over a hole at Granite Pointe Golf Club. 

The first ball that lands in, or closest to the hole, wins $1,000 PLUS a two-night Island Getaway at the Prestige Oceanfront Resort in Sooke, golf, cart rental and dinner for two at Olympic Golf Course in Victoria. 

“(The event) is intended to be a fun afternoon that just happens to support local health,” said The Foundation’s Ron Cockburn. “Everyone should feel comfortable to join a team, have a good time, enjoy a great dinner and probably win a prize along the way. Buying a ticket for the golf ball drop and coming up to see them rain down is one way to make a difference.”

Checking out the format

The four-person best ball format forces the entire team to become involved. Prizes are awarded for low scores, high scores, longest drives, putting contests, holes–in-one and more.

As in years past the event also provides a chance for a player to even win a million dollars. If you haven’t played before this may be the year to get involved.


  • The Tenth Annual Legacy Golf Event has been moved up to Sunday, July 10. Registration is at 9 a.m. and tee off is at 11 a.m. but players are encouraged to register early by calling Granite Pointe Golf Club at 352-5913.
  • The $100 per player fee includes a full day of golf, dinner, and more. Single registrants will be grouped into foursomes. 
  • Tickets for the Golf Ball Drop are available until July 9 at Granite Pointe Golf Club, Sensations, Clothes Shoppe, 103.5 FM The Bridge and at the KLH Foundation office.

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