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Water main flushing program

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
June 2nd, 2011

The City of Nelson Utilities Department will start the water main flushing program the second week of June. The work should take approximately four weeks.

The flushing is done to dislodge and remove any built-up sediment in the water main pipes. This will improve water quality and fire flow capability.

Residents are advised when City utility crews are working in the neighbourhood that their water may be discoloured or have air bubbles. If this occurs, residents can let their water run until it clears.

If it doesn’t clear in a reasonable amount of time, residents should call the Public Works Department at 352-8238.

Nelson residents on a dialysis machine should call us at the same number and the crews will work to accommodate the resident. Larger facilities will be contacted prior to work being done in their area.

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