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Substations, power poles and other things electrical

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
June 11th, 2011

Things are powering up with the City’s utility company as it begins a two-year odyssey to improve the delivery of electrical current to Nelson homes.

In 2011 Nelson Hydro will be working on several system upgrades, including the downtown electrical upgrades to the distribution system.

The company is also upgrading power poles in the city and rural areas as well as starting the installation of a new power cable at Harrop/Procter.

At the power plant the City-owned company is installing additional vibration monitoring to improve the protection for the generators.

In 2012 the key Nelson Hydro project will be the construction of the new Rosemont substation. These upgrade projects are part of a plan to keep the utility safe, reliable and efficient.

Placing private property on Nelson Hydro poles

People are reminded that placing any posters, street signs, for sale signs, etc, on Nelson Hydro power poles or street light standards is strictly prohibited.

Workers compensation board regulation 19.4, prohibits any obstruction on or near hydro poles. This is a worker safety issue.

Nelson Hydro will remove and discard any object placed on utility poles, at the owner’s expense.


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