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Scope of independent riot review announced

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June 21st, 2011

The Province, City of Vancouver and Vancouver Police Board today announced details of the scope of an independent review of the planning and activities that led up to, and the violence that followed, the Stanley Cup final game June 15.

The review will focus on:

  • The learnings from the 1994 riot and how were they integrated into the planning for the Game Seven celebrations.
  • The foundational elements of the Vancouver Police Department (VPD)/City plans for the event and the relationship of those plans to what transpired in the lead-up to and during the riots.
  • The availability of liquor at public events and the contribution this made to the events that unfolded.

Looking forward, a framework for how the City of Vancouver and the VPD work with the appropriate partners to optimize the safe, inclusive and enjoyable participation of the public in celebrations in the public spaces for which Vancouver is world-renowned.

Premier Christy Clark has committed funding for this independent review. The party who will lead it will be announced in the coming days, and will report out to the Province, City and Police Board by Aug. 31. The report will be made public.

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