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A new structure planned for Mountain Station, sidewalks near Cottonwood Creek and bridge deck replacement

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
June 10th, 2011

The following City of Nelson public works projects are scheduled for 2011:

Localmotion grant

The City’s use of this grant enables construction of curbs, gutters, and sidewalks along Baker Street below the highway.

This project will also include sidewalk improvements along Silica Street to Cottonwood Falls Park, and along Railway Street, from Baker Street to Nelson Ford.

Bridge deck replacement

Portions of bridge deck will be replaced on the north lane of the 800 block Vernon.

Davies Street Park and pathways

Development will continue with additional greenery and improved pathway surfacing being done.

Mountain Station ultra violet disinfection, Hypochlorite Generation System

A new structure is planned at the Mountain Station reservoir site to house UV disinfection equipment.

This provides an added level of security in the potable water system. A separate area in the new structure will house equipment designed to produce hypochlorite rather than the current use of chlorine gas. Construction is scheduled for the fall.

Nelson Parkade

Additional concrete and upper deck repairs are scheduled for mid summer when the parkade has reduced occupancy.

New pressure reducing water station

Plans to install a new Pressure Reducing Station are underway for the 900 Block of Ninth Street. Clearing and grubbing has commenced and preliminary works are scheduled for mid June.

Paving and patching

The Nelson Hydro project will receive priority patching in the downtown core and the Public Works patching program will work in conjunction with Hydro to pave areas in the downtown as well, including 400 and 500 Ward Street as well as 500 Victoria Street.

Other major paving jobs will follow major infrastructure upgrades at 600 Gordon Road and 400 Maple Street.

Road line re-marking

Will commence as soon as weather permits.

Road rebuild

The section of Bealby Road at Holland Street is being re-built to solve two issues.

The rotting wood crib walls that supported the road have been removed and the intersection of Holland Street is being re-aligned for safety reasons.

Re-paving is scheduled for July.

Sidewalk replaced with pavers

Baker Street at Hall Street – A section of downtown sidewalk extending along the south side of the 600 Block of Baker Street to Hall Street is to be replaced with pavers, similar to the work completed in the adjacent 400 block of Hall Street.

Sanitary sewer pipe relining

An ambitious pipe relining program is scheduled for early fall, involving approximately 30 blocks of sewer pipe.

The majority of this work will occur in the downtown and lower Uphill areas, primarily on sections of old vitreous clay pipe.

Sewage treatment plant upgrades

A more efficient means of separating solids from liquid has been installed and should be fully operational in 2011.

Water main replacements

Watermain replacement is underway in the 600 Block of Gordon Street. The next locations include Stanley at Latimer and the 2100 Block of SilverKing Road.

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