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Looking for help with one of the most exciting races in the West Kootenay

June 2nd, 2011

Raid the North Extreme (RTNX) is seeking volunteers to assist with Canada’s premiere expedition adventure race. 

Raid the North Extreme, the six-day, non-stop expedition race will take place from July 23-31 in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia.

It will feature four-person co-ed teams from around the world as they navigate more than 500 kilometres of unmarked terrain through the Selkirk, Purcell and Monashee mountains.

Teams will face extreme challenges including a rugged wilderness, team dynamics, sleep deprivation and gear failure as they bike, trek, paddle and use ropes to navigate the course.

“Volunteers are critical to the success of the event,” said Geoff Langford, president of RTNX. “Without their energy, enthusiasm and ideas, we wouldn’t have the capacity to make this great race happen. From their perspective, it’s a great way to experience the event from the inside, meet new people and discover new parts of the West Kootenay.”

In the past, RTNX events have had volunteers come as far as South Africa, Australia and the UK though the majority are local people.

To date, 60 volunteers have signed up to help with the West Kootenay event but the race demands 120-150 people to help staff checkpoint and transition areas, work on the medical team or search and rescue, drive gear trucks, move gear for the teams, provide assistance to the media teams and work at base camp.

RTNX is also looking to fill the all-important roles of Race Staff Buddies. This involves accompanying staff for 8-12 hours as they work to make the event run smoothly and efficiently.

Volunteers are able to choose how little or how much they want to devote to the race – from a few hours to all six days — and in return, will receive cool race shirts, thank you gifts, tickets to pre- and post-race dinners and invitations to all parties and events.

For information and to register as a volunteer, visit

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