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Have your say: Residence size and location in the ALR

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June 23rd, 2011

With a rapidly growing population and a quality of life in B.C. among the highest in the world, ALR land near our largest urban centres is under increasing pressure for uses other than farming.

Both local and provincial governments want to hear your views regarding large estate-style homes on property designated as ALR land.

The Ministry of Agriculture is inviting British Columbians to comment on possible guidelines for residence size and location on properties in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR).

They have been consulting with local governments, farmers, producers, and realtors on the matter, and also want to hear from you.

For an easy way to provide your opinion on whether residences and their amenities in the ALR should be subject to size and location limits, visit:

Feedback is part of a process to help develop a provincial standard that will help guide local governments throughout the province.

Although the ALR is a provincially designated zone, the regulation of residential buildings within it is primarily determined by the city or municipality in which it lies.

A provincial guideline would provide a foundation for consistent decision making, while leaving enough flexibility for local governments to consider their community’s specific issues and needs or the details of a specific property.


One school of thought suggests this type of home should be strategically placed so as to maintain the agricultural potential of the land. Others feel property owners can do as they please. What are your views?

The survey is open until Thursday, July 14.

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