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A contemporary healing program for the sugar blues

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June 28th, 2011

Christine Sutherland used to sing the sugar blues (and caffeine too). 

Today she shares her food successes with Lee Reid, Nelson’s clinical addictions counselor, and together they have designed a contemporary healing program for people with an overly enthusiastic relationship with sugar.

For the past year, Lee and Christine have worked together with seniors, teens, parents and ordinary, everyday people, helping them get off sugar and coffee. 

They have designed a summer program for people wanting to change their lifestyle, mainly using beautiful Lakeside Park as their classroom. It is their second summer of offering this type of experience to those in Nelson and area.

“The detoxification process is my department,” Sutherland says. “I use massage, underwater-hot spring massage, dry brushing, body wraps, salt glows, sand rubs, herbal teas, and lots of hands-on homework.

“Lee looks after the ‘thought-stopping’ exercises as well as using a process to help change old patterns, so people can deal better with cravings and family dynamics. Together we make a dynamite team for healthy change.”

Sandy Prentice, International Program Administrator for SD8, and a summer program participant in 2009, commented on her own success.

“I know that I will never introduce sugar into my life again. Although I have lost 50 pounds, I am currently working on achieving my new goal of 60 pounds lost. I will then continue for another 20 pounds to bring my total weight loss to 80 pounds.  This would have been merely a dream for me a year ago. It is now not only achievable, but has become my reality.”

  • The course runs Monday to Thursday, June 27-30; 7:30 am to 2:30 pm daily. 
  • For more information, please call Christine Sutherland at 1-800-611-5788 or email her at


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