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Bear problems prompt consideration of new garbage restrictive bylaw

Timothy Schafer
By Timothy Schafer
June 12th, 2011

A new “wildlife attractants” bylaw will be considered by City council Monday evening as they attempt to grapple with the problem created by bears coming within the city’s limits.

Council is expected to discuss the new bylaw (Monday, 7 p.m., council chambers) to help mitigate the problem of bear and grizzly bear activity in the city, as illustrated by the growing number of bear encounters in the last few weeks in Nelson.

The bylaw is intended to promote wildlife conservation by limiting the amount of garbage available to wildlife (bears) while decreasing bear and human contact near homes in Nelson.

The Waste Management and Wildlife Attractant Bylaw will mean people will have to limit placement of garbage at the curb — including a dawn to dusk clause whereby garbage cannot be placed on the curb before 5 a.m. or after 7 p.m.

The bylaw prohibits garbage from being stored outside unless it is in bear resistant containers or stored in secure buildings, and outlines requirements for garbage management at special events.

As well, people will be prohibited from feeding wildlife on any property, the use of bird feeders during bear season will be restricted (or requiring bear proof placement) and the accumulation of fruit in residential yards will be prohibited.

Anderson Street amendment to be considered

In the wake of a public hearing set prior to the regular council meeting, City staff are recommending an application for rezoning to the Anderson Street property — slated for construction of a $7 million, low income housing building — be approved for third reading.

However, final approval on the amendment is to be withheld until Canadian Mental Health Association-Kootenays can submit a geo-technical report that meets approval of the City of Nelson building inspectors.

On May 9 council gave first and second reading of a bylaw to rezone the property on Anderson Street to enable the eventual subdivision of the property into two separate parcels.

CMHA-K held a neighbourhood meeting on April 5 and the application was reviewed by the Advisory Planning Commission on April 19.

The Association will have to pay a $2,525 application fee for the amendment, with a further preliminary layout approval fee of $800 for the subdivision of the property. No mention if the fees would be waived, as the CMHA-K had asked council to do previously.

Par for the course

Council will give first, second and third reading to consider allowing the Nelson Disc Golf Society to begin their proposal for a disc golf course on City-owned lands adjacent to the Nelson Memorial park Cemetery.

The bylaw will have to be amended so that “no person shall play a game or sport without express written permission of council.”

Allowing a temporary beer gardens in Lakeside Park

The City received a request from the dragon boat event chairperson for the BC Senior Games requesting that a beer garden be allowed at Lakeside Park during their scheduled event.

The request is to hold the beer gardens on Thursday, Aug. 18 and Friday, Aug. 19 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the participants and the volunteers of the event.

City policies are silent on alcohol consumption in City parks. A Liqour Control Board permit will be required should the event be approved by council.

Support sought for hiring local

The Nelson Committee on Homelessness is asking for council support on their request to the Culos Group of Companies in urging them to promote the use of local employment during the development of the Anderson Street project.

Introducing a new partnership

A letter is to be approved as the first step in the municipal partnership between Nelson City council and the District of Kaoma, Zambia. The letter will introduce the partnership.

Bylaw adjudication

The bylaw adjudication system will be introduced and read for the first two times.

Other items to be considered ….

  • The corporate idle-free policy is expected to be adopted.
  • Council’s 2011 priorities are to be introduced.
  • A disaster aid policy will be looked at.
  • City staff will develop a UBCM resolution regarding the Forest Tenure Review.!/TheNelsonDaily

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