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The area’s undeniable beauty claims another victim

June 21st, 2011

Fun, interactive and uplifting, Oso Simple’s shows are a treat for young and old.

Oso Simple – yes that’s his name – is now living in the Columbia Valley.  Originally a songwriter from Ontario, he came to BC to spend a season in the mountains skiing, but fell in love with this province’s undeniable beauty and stayed. 

Living all over the province in the last decade, it was during a stay on magical Cortes Island that the silly and wonderful music of Squishy Banana was born.  Filled with animals, fun, laughter and love, Oso’s music embodies a friendly, caring, upbeat attitude that kids and parents can’t get enough of.

With catchy songs like Chaos in the Kitchen you might even find yourself singing along with the kids: “It’s Chaos in the kitchen! There’s oatmeal on the ceiling! And we’re all covered in jam!!” 

Squishy Banana is available at your library, or you can go to the website to listen to Squishy Banana, Chaos in the Kitchen, The Bike Song and Scruffy Aroo.

Your family can experience the thrill of a live Oso Simple performance. Come to the free concert at Nelson Public Library on Wednesday July 6 at 2 p.m. Sponsored by the Nelson Public Library and the Kootenay Library Federation.

Oso Simple’s songs are perfect for this year’s Summer Reading Club theme Savour Each Word. Words are so important to us, whether it’s writing, reading, talking or singing.  Singing is known to be important for language development.

It’s perfect; singing is fun and good for you.

For more information about the concert or other Summer Reading Club activities phone the Library at 250-352-8283 or 352-6333.  

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