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Whole School gears up with full slate of spring activities

Nelson Daily Editor
By Nelson Daily Editor
May 10th, 2011

The children, parents and teachers of the Whole School have been busy gearing up for spring.

The Whole School’s annual spring market is coming up on Saturday, May 14 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the school grounds. Vendors and artisans from the community will have tables set up and will be selling their beautiful creations.

There are so many talented and unique artists in the valley that the spring market is always full of amazing varieties of original clothes, jewelry, crafts and art. There will be live music, stories and songs for kids, a clown act, face painting, a barbecue concession and lots of fun.

The school will also be running a Ready, Set, Learn event with Jennifer Rolufs (as the kinder teacher) at the market between 1:30-3:30 p.m. This is a special event for preschoolers ages 2–5 and their families to help support early literacy activities in families and communities.

There will also be a multi-family yard sale on the Whole School grounds on Saturday, May 28.

The school held its annual open house on April 21 to celebrate Earth Day with the community. The students collaborated on a variety of wind-related activities and crafts to share what they have learned about weather with the new families visiting.

It was a great opportunity for the kids to inspire and welcome potential new students to the school. The Whole School children are really excited to be sharing some of their new skills with the community.

They have learned a myriad of new art forms over the winter and their works are on exhibit at the Cedar Creek Café now until May 9.

Working with Whole School Parents, their teacher and a few artists in the community the children have learned contour drawing, experimented with pop-up art and printmaking, been inspired by the Eastern Woodland art movement and the paintings of Norval Morrisseau, looked at patterns of turtles seen underwater, and explored the design and creation of mandalas.

They also worked with Grigg Stone, who inspired the watercolours and Tara Harvey of Airy Mountain Mosaics, who inspired the mosaics on exhibit.

For more information call 250- 226-7737.

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