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Keeping safe with vegetation around power lines

By Anonymous
May 7th, 2011

When trees or branches come in contact with power lines, the result is trouble.

Tree contact or trees growing too close to power lines can create a severe public safety hazard and may also cause interruption of electricity service.

To reduce the chances of such dangerous occurrences, Nelson Hydro spends thousands of dollars annually on vegetation management programs.

Power lines that are broken or knocked down by trees or branches can be live, and live wires can kill. Never approach downed power lines or attempt to remove trees touching a power line. Stay at least 10 meters away.

Call Nelson Hydro immediately at 1-877-324-9376 and qualified electrical workers will respond.

Nelson Hydro does not clear tree growth around customer’s insulated low voltage service wires (those that supply service to customer buildings or poles), unless there is a serious electrical hazard.

The utility company recommends that customers hire a qualified arborist to do this work. If homeowners wish to prune or remove their own trees, Nelson Hydro may, on request, remove the electric service wires to allow the work to be done safely, and then re-install when the work is finished. In most cases, there is no charge for this service.

Nelson Hydro is responsible for and will clear vegetation growth around all primary high voltage power lines. This work can only be safely done by qualified professional electrical workers, or arborists certified to work in close proximity to high voltage power lines, and should not be attempted by others.

Phone 352-8287 if you require further information or have a service wire removal request.


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