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Energy makeover contest gets "thrilling" response

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May 16th, 2011

This summer, one business in B.C. will get an “energy makeover” worth up to $35,000, helping it improve its energy efficiency and inspire others along the way.

It’s the Energy Fix contest. And the competition is stiff.

This is the first time businesses have been able to nominate themselves to win the Energy Fix makeover – three finalists are then selected and the public votes to determine a winner.

Place your vote. Voting starts May 16.

The 140 entries will be narrowed down internally by BC Hydro, with the final pick of three finalists done by Lisa Coltart, the executive director of Power Smart, and Monk Office CEO James McKenzie, who is a Power Smart Community Leader.

From there, it’s up to you: members of the public will decide, by online vote, who will be this year’s Energy Fix makeover star.

The entry with the most votes will be the focus of an expert upgrade done over the summer, and the subject of three online videos that will help share the makeover experience with others.

This fall, the public will be invited to view the videos and answer energy efficiency questions for a chance to be entered in a prize draw, similar to last year’s contest.

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