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Council takes mulligan on Disc Golf Society course proposal

Timothy Schafer
By Timothy Schafer
May 11th, 2011

It wasn’t par for the course Monday night as the Nelson Disc Golf Society’s proposal for a course on City-owned lands bogeyed council and will now have to wait for a public meeting.

In order to change the bylaw to allow a disc golf course to be created in the wooded area near the Nelson Cemetery, a public hearing needs to take place. The playing of games is currently banned from any cemetery lands.

However, a City staff report recommended the development of a disc golf course on City-owned lands adjacent to the Nelson Memorial Park Cemetery for the period of one year on a trial basis.

City staff had reviewed the report and found the society’s proposal for the course to be suitable with three provisions now included.

Council held off giving approval to the proposal, tabling the item and waiting instead for City staff to write up the bylaw change. Once it is written, council will decide if they should hold a public meeting now or after the trial period is over in 2012.

The Society presented to City council at the November, 2010 committee of the whole meeting, handing in a revised proposal to staff for a trial course for 2011. That proposal included using existing fallen timber or 4×4 pressure treated posts to build and install 18 tone targets and tee areas (no concrete used).

As well, four signs at existing trailheads entering the area will let people know there is a temporary disc golf course, open to all as a multi-use area.

The third revision included a sign at the main entrance explaining disc golf rules, asking users to respect the area.

The costs are minimal to install the course, with the land not being removed from the City’s land inventory. The trial basis (land tenure) would allow the City to revoke any rights to the land as required.

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