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Could City council entertain installation of new red light cameras in Nelson? Stay tuned.

Timothy Schafer
By Timothy Schafer
May 10th, 2011

A report to be presented by the Kootenay Integrated Road Safety Unit to City council Monday night could see another revenue generator land in council’s lap — and another hit to the wallets of Nelsonites.

Just weeks after taxpayers swallowed a doubling of downtown parking rates, City council could be entertaining installation of intersection safety cameras, if the findings of a 2009 BC Road Safety Enhance Enforcement Annual Report are embraced.

The report stated that the camera program “has generated approximately $28 million in revenue and is estimated to save BC taxpayers about $2.9 million in healthcare costs,” a City staff report to council stated.

KIRSU Sgt. Fred Mansveld is expected to deliver statistics on road safety in BC and an overview of alcohol and drug related crashes in Canada at the committee of the whole meeting Monday, 7 p.m., in council chambers.

According to a 2008 cost model, the cost of impaired driving fatalities, injuries and property damage-only crashes in Canada is estimated at $21.62 billion.

The camera program noted in the report replaced outdated analogue red-light cameras with new digital technology, achieving better performance and camera site selection.

The program identifies drivers who run red lights and penalizes them with a ticket. An ICBC study said the cameras reduced casualty crashes at designated intersections by 6.4 per cent.

Also on the agenda:

  • Nelson Early Childhood Advisory Council will present information on their Community Action Plan 2010-2012, and detail the project and six recommendations for future action.
  • Corazon Vocal Ensemble will provide council with a song from their repertoire.
  • The Habondia Women’s Lending Society will provide an overview of their Society and planned auction and fundraiser.
  • The City’s corporate climate action coordinator, Fiona Galbraith, is expected to bring forward a draft version of a corporate idle free vehicle and equipment policy.
  • Along with the general manager of Nelson Hydro, Alex Love, Galbraith will provide an update on the Greenhouse Gas Reduction plan. The total capital cost estimate for the 2011 phase of the GHG reduction plan is approximately $450,000, with an estimated yearly energy savings of $72,000.
  • City manager Kevin Cormack will give an update on the 36 initiatives established by council.!/TheNelsonDaily

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