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City applies for $1 million grant for water system upgrade

May 8th, 2011

Council is looking at a $1 million upgrade to the city’s water system, an improvement they hope will be covered by funding through the federal gas tax grants. 

The application is to the Gas Tax Fund for $1,006,850. 

The upgrades are meant to meet Interior Health’s standards for water disinfection at the Mountain Station Reservoir.

They would add an ultraviolet system to kill waterborne parasites and replace the existing gas chlorine injection system with a “sodium hypochlorite generation” system.

The new system will improve worker safety and provide a return on investment within three to five years because the new system uses cheaper material. 

If the grant funding is not received, council must find other ways of funding the project. The project is part of the long-term water master plan and is included in the water long term financing strategy.

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